Terms And Conditions


Parthenon Tours is a modern travel agency with a main aim of providing high-end services and adapting innovative approaches. Parthenon Tours is focused on achieving high customer satisfaction and promoting R&D activities in the area of tourism. Our team possess the necessary technical, managerial and communication skills to meet the customer requirements and deliver services of the highest quality.

Transactions with PARTHENON TOURS will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the customer and Parthenon Tours. These terms and conditions cannot be modified without written and signed consent from PARTHENON TOURS.

PARTHENON TOURS IKE (referred to as “PARTHENON TOURS”) is a licensed online Travel Agency (GNTO license no. 0206E60000680301). Our offices are located at 4, Ionos Dragoumi 4, 16562, Ano Glyfada, Athens, Greece.  In this document, any individual that purchases and participates in a service provided by Parthenon Tours is referred to as the “customer”.

PARTHENON TOURS services include guided private and group historical, food and wine experience, nightlife and photo tours. The aforementioned services/tours are described in detail on parthenontours.com. During the tours all customers must comply with the tour leader instructions and must not disturb other co-travellers.

The prices for the provided services are offered on a per group (private tours) or per person basis based on the tour. All prices include taxes and don’t include gratuities, personal expenses and travel insurance. All travellers must pay for the provided tour/services in its entirety during the booking process. In addition, all info provided during booking should be accurate and up to date. When booking is successfully completed customers will receive a confirmation email voucher that they will be able to demonstrate before the start of the activity to the tour leader either in printed or electronic form. Parthenon tours customers are required to be at the starting point at the designated time 15 prior to the start of tour/service.

PARTHENON TOURS has worldwide rights in the intellectual property of all material presented on parthenontours.com. This material includes: text descriptions, logos, artwork, photos, videos, sounds, colour combinations, layout, colour combination, and any combination of the aforementioned presented on parthenontours.com. All material on parthenontours.com is copyrighted protected and owned by PARTHENON TOURS. Our copyright rights are in accordance with the Greek government laws and any dispute is in the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens. Parthenon Tours has the right to collect and use all data provided by their customers in accordance with EU GDPR frameworks.

PARTHENON TOURS has the right to cancel or modify any of the provided tours/services up to 24 hours before the start of the tour. Parthenon tours can cancel their services for any reason. These reasons include insufficient number of participants / groups. If necessary, Parthenon Tours has the right to cancel a tour even in the last minute in case of emergency (bad weather, epidemic, strike, war, insufficient participation, government actions, public demonstrations, road closures). In this case, the customers have the right for a full refund or rebook the tour/service for the next available date.  

PARTHENON TOURS customers are able to cancel a tour/service. This should be done at least 24hours before the start date and time of the tour/service via email to info@parthenontours.com. Cancellation request is not valid until Parthenon tours sends a confirmation email reply to the customer.

PARTHENON TOURS has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. This change will take effect as of the date of their publication on parthenontours.com. Any use of the Website or/and purchase and participation in any of the programs following such amendments means you consent to these amendments.

If you do not agree with the above terms and conditions, please do not use or purchase tickets or use our online material. By purchasing one of our services you automatically accept all terms and conditions mentioned above. Customers agree that they participate in the tours provided by Parthenon Tours at their own risk. Parthenon Tours are not liable for any injury incurred during the tour, for safety of personal items (theft) and for services provided by 3rd parties. The customers are obliged to report prior to the start of the activity if they suffer from any medical or mental condition (injury, food allergy, heart conditions, asthma etc.) that may affect their and their co-traveller’s safety and wellbeing during the provided service. PARTHENON TOURS has the right to refuse any person from participating in a service/tour. Customers should understand and accept all risks associated with their participation in the provided tours/services (exposure to bad/dangerous weather conditions, food allergic reactions, choking, self-inflicted injuries, injuries inflicted by other customers, injuries from automobiles, pedestrians and cyclists, and death.

The customer on behalf of their selves and of any entity or person acting through them, hereby forever and unconditionally releases PARTHENON TOURS, its owners and employees, affiliates, and agents from any kind of claims, damages, losses and costs resulting from the customer’s participation in the provided tours/services. This includes but is not limited to claims for death, injuries, loss of any property.  The customers release Parthenon Tours of any liability concerning injuries (costs for medical treatment), damages, and losses occurred during the services that may be resulted from customer’s actions, behavior or pre-existing medical conditions, and dispositions. The customer is also fully responsible for any costs of any nature to any person or entity that resulted from their actions during their participation in the provided tours/services. Parthenon tours has no legal responsibility concerning these actions.